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California License Number B 726493

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Licensed -  Insured (5M)

Wall of Shame

Al Smith Electric, has extensive experience in industrial and commercial electrical construction. You will never see anthing like this from Al Smith Electric

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Water pipe exposed above ground, BTW this is a pool junction box!

Inaccessible junction box, street 90 black pipe, hose clamp

Take a look at these pictures. Making the light go on is only 20% of the job. Doing it safely and correctly is 80% of the job.  I hope you can see the defects, this is what you get when you hire a HANDYMAN. You think its 1/2 the price you end up with all the danger!

Ground conductor being used as load

Stranded wire wrapped wrong direction

3' clearance not maintained in front of panel switchgear

Improperly secured conduit body


 Always hire a professional licensed contractor!  And remember there is no such thing as an "licensed handyman" in the state of California.

PVC junction box and conduit and no straps on flexible conduits


This cord powers the exterior irrigation timed outside, WTF

MC cable used outdoors

All state license numbers have 6-7 digits mine is 726492. Some handymen get business licenses and call themselves licensed, they are not and they are breaking the law.

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Drilled into the top and ran wires without conduit or ground, OMG

Water pipe fitting used as conduit

Buried conduit body water fittings


Come on Romex installed outside of wall!


PVC water pipe being used as conduit 

Exceeding 90 bend  

Water fitting, MC cable under ground? Hose clamps


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